What is a cloudifier?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is a cloudifier?
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What is the Cloudiness of Melamine in Water Does the water becomes cloudymilky when melamine suspend in it I worried it might be used as a cloudifier in beverages similar to TiO2 edible?

Let me elaborate my question. If melamine in water produces a very milky effect then those unethical manufacturer might include it in their formulation either as a cloudifier for beverage or as an ingredient for making the beverage appears milky. For example, titanium oxide TiO2 (white colour, edible), when suspend in water, produces a very milky effect. TiO2 can be used as a cloudifier in beverage. However, since TiO2 is bearly solubity in water, it tends to settle to the bottom after some time.