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The Electivire is an Electric type of Pokémon that was introduced in Generation 4. Some of the moves that the Electivire learn includes the forward moves, the backward moves, and the sideways moves.

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Q: What moves can electivire learn?
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Is blaziken or electivire stronger?

It depends on the situation electivire and blaziken can bolt learn ground type moves and fire type moves fighting types too blaziken can learn flying type moves and electivire can learn electric type moves so I'd say there pretty much even.

What level does electivire learn ice punch?

Electivire cannot learn Ice Punch via Level-Up. The only way to get an Electivire with Ice Punch is to breed (with Hitmonchan or Medicham) and then evolve the hatched Elekid into an Electabuzz, then Electivire.

Can electivire learn fire blast?

No but it can learn flamethrower with TM35.

Does electivire learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold?

Electivire cannot learn Volt Tackle in Pokemon HeartGold. Only pichu, pikachu, and raichu can learn volt tackle.

What moves does paul's electivire know?

In the Sinnoh League, Electivire's First Move move was Protect, Electivire's Second Move was Thunder and Electivire's Third move was Thunder Punch. When Paul was against Barry, Electivire's Fourth Move was Giga Impact- Against Ash, Electivire's Fourth Move was Brick Break.

What are the Pokemon that can learn giga impact?

I think only garchomp can learn it but its a dumb move Electivire can also learn it

What level does Electivire learn Thunder?

It learns Thunder at level 58.

Is there a Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time change hero's moves action replay codes Please respond?

I Don't Really understand the question but if u want to remember moves u could have learned before u learn them at the electivire link shop

Can you help form my team and select movesets for my Pokemon team in platinum torterra jolteon or electivire octillery or Milotic altaria or togekiss Lucario drapion or Spiritomb?

If you are knowledgeable about stats, think about the speed of your Pokemon. A key strategy is to balance the types, stats, and powers of your team. One Pokemon may be weak to a specific type, so you must have a move that can counter it. It depends on the trainer. Torterra - slow, but teach it Rock Polish to speed it up. Teach it some Ground- and Grass-type moves for Fire- and Water- types. Jolteon/Electivire - same powers, but Electivire can learn Ice Punch and Brick Break to counter dual Rock-Ground types. Octillery/Milotic - Milotic can also be used in contests, can learn a handful of powerful Water moves, Dragon pulse; Octillery can learn Gunk Shot, Signal beam, Flamethrower(for Grass and Psychic types) Altaria/Togekiss - Altaria are Dragon-Flying types,Dragon moves and Solarbeam for Rock-types, Flamethrower for Ice-types and Sky attack; Togekiss with Aura sphere and Sky attack, also some Fighting-type moves Lucario - Aura sphere, Steel-type moves, Dragon pulse and Ground-type moves,resistant to Psychic-type moves Drapion/Spiritomb - Drapion isn't affected by psychic moves, can learn Ice Fang and Aqua tail to counter Ground-types; Spiritomb has NO weakness, can learn some elemental attacks, Dark Pulse, Ghost-type moves, Hypnosis and Dream Eater combination.

What moves does electivire know if you get it off of Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ice punch, earthquake, thunder punch, and cross chop

What moves can exeggcute learn?

it can learn Grass and Psychic moves

How do you get an electivire in platinum?

You can't get Electivire. You have to evolve Electabuzz to get Electivire. You can get Electabuzz at Route 222.