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No, Ireland and Britain are different countries, you would have to leave the Irish Army, then try to get permission to join the British army

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Q: Can you transfer from Irish army into british army?
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Can and Irish officer transfer to Canadian army?

Not directly.

Who targeted the Irish Republican Army?


Dose a Irish person have to swear allegiance to the queen if he joins the British army?

Yes, an Irish person has to take an oath of allegiance to the British crown if they decide to join the British Army.

Can a british citizen join the Irish army?


Can a british soldier transfer to the American army?


Who were enemies of the Provisional Irish Republican Army?

It seems like the enemies of the Provisional Irish Republican Army would be the British. That's what the research that I did on this topic.

What is the cause of Irish republican army claims?

To no longer be under the British, to declare Ireland as a nation of only Irish leaders

Why was the Irish citizen army founded?

Their intent was to spur a popular uprising against the British in order to create an independent Irish republic.

Who are the targets of the Irish Republican Army?

The targets of the IRA were in 1969 the British Army the RUC the B Specials & the British Establishment. They also murdered many thousands of innocent men, women and children.

What does Brits out mean?

It is a slogan used by Irish republicans referring to their wish for there to be no British involvement in Ireland, including the British army and political involvement by Britain.

When was Irish Army created?

Irish Army was created in 1924.

What effect did the Irish Republican Army have on their nation?

The Irish Republican Army in its original form managed to achieve independence for Ireland from the British. However, the original treaty established Ireland as a Free State and Commonwealth Dominion, and it wasn't until the end of the Irish Civil War - where the anti-Treaty forces of the Irish Republican Army were defeated - that an amendment was made to the Irish Constitution which relinquished Dominion status and established the country as a republic.