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yes out of respectr

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Traditionally, the mother of a commoner who marries into the royal family is not required to curtsy to her daughter. However, as a sign of respect and to adhere to royal protocol, it is not uncommon for Kate Middleton's mother to curtsy to her when they are in a formal setting. Ultimately, curtsying is a personal choice based on the relationship between the individuals involved.

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Q: Does Kate Middleton's mother have to curtsy to her?
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Carole Elizabeth Middleton (nee Goldsmith) is Kate Middleton's mothers name.

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Her mother in law is the late Diana, Princess of Wales who was mother to her husband, the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William.) Camilla was never a "mother in law" to the Duchesss of Cambridge as she is not Prince William's mother.

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Kate Middleton's parents are Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton.

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