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Q: Nickname for private in british army?
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British were called red?

The British Army wore red uniforms which earned them the nickname "Red Coats"

What was the American army's nickname for British soldiers in the gulf war?

the red coats

11 letter nickname for the British army during the Revolutionary War?

They were called lobsterbacks

What is the British army salary officers?

from a private soldier to highest rank

Who did the British employ as a private army when they colonized India?

This was done by a private trading company called the "East India Company".

5 What nickname was given to the British 8th Army in the 2nd world war?

the Desert Ratsthe Desert Rats

What were sepoys?

An Indian Army Soldier during the British Colonial period. Consider it a rank, kind of like private.

What is the British nickname for the English Channel?

The British nickname for the English Channel is "The Pond."

What are the possible starting ranks for individuals joining the British Army?

When an individual first joins the British army, they will be given the rank of officer cadet before they finish training. They might also have the rank of private, depending on where they are training.

What does private mean in the army?

Private is the lowest rank in the Army

Is there a difference between redcoats and lobsterbacks?

Nope. These were two names for the British army. One was to refer to them (redcoats), the other was sort of a taunting nickname (lobsterbacks).

How do you Join the British Army from Zimbabwe?

How do Get enrolled in the British Army when I am from another country? What are the requirements of being in the British Army? Will I get a chance to be recruited in the British Army?