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no the royal family should not be banned

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Q: Should the royal family be banned?
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Should royal family be capitalized in this sentence. The members of the royal family posed for a picture.?

Yes it should be capitalized.

Should royal family be capitalized?

There is more to being a Royal

Should Roman Catholics be banned from marrying into Protestant Royal Family?

No law in the United Kingdom bans the marriage of a Roman Catholic to a member of the Royal Family. If a member of the Royal Family marries a Catholic then they are simply removed from the Line Of Succession. On the 28 Oct 2011 Leaders of the Commonwealth agreed that descendants of Prince Charles will be able to marry a Catholic and remain in succession to the throne.

Why was Sarah Ferguson banned from attending Prince William's wedding?

She has brought unneeded attention to herself, and The Royal Family!

Should the UK have a royal family?


Pesticides should be banned?

No pesticide should not be banned. Do you want bugs to be crawling all over you house, food, children, or family?

Who are the royal family?

The British Royal Family The Norwegian Royal Family The Spanish Royal Family The Swedish Royal Family The Dutch Royal Family The Danish Royal Family The Belgian Royal Family The Thai Royal Family The Monegasque Princely Family The Luxembourgish Grand Ducal Family The Liechtensteiner Princely Family

Should the English royal family be overthrown?

No, they're harmless.

Should you keep the royal family?

Yes, we should keep the royal family. They are tradition of the country. They show the history of the country and they are a huge tourist draw and the country makes millions from them every years.

How did the the royal family become royal?

By the Grace of God, is the most common explanation as to why a Royal family is the Royal family.

Three reasons why the royal family should and three reasons why the royal family shouldn't have their privileged position taken away and become a normal family?

Three reasons why they should have their privileges taken away:The monarch no longer wields any real power, so should therefore no longer hold the privileges associated with that power.The royal family cost the taxpayer a substantial sum to maintain their lifestyle.The royal family is an outdated and no longer relevant tradition.Three reasons why they should retain their privileges:The royal family is an important part of Britain's culture and history.The royal family generates far more income from tourism than it costs in taxes.The monarch is a politically neutral representative of the British people.

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