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being singin to his parents and at an restraunt where his manager discoverd him

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The way Prince Royce became famous was by re writting Stand By Me by Ben E King in spanish

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Q: What did prince Royce do to become famous?
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How did geoffery Royce rojas become famous?

How did prince Royce Geoffrey Rojas become famous

What year did prince Royce become famous?


Is prince Royce a prince?

No he's not. but is treated like one for being famous. he named himself after prince Royce because Royce was his middle name and prince cause he looks hot

Were does prince Royce live?

Prince Royce lives in massahuchats and minnesota he mOved over ther because he was getting famous

What style of music is Prince Royce famous for?


What was prince Royce's first album that made him famous?

stand by me

When did prince Royce start singing?

prince Royce started singing when he was 3 but became famous around 13 14 years of age(: i love prince Royce hes the kutest funniest smartest etc. i love you prince Royce for ever and always your numero uno fan(;(:

How tall prince Royce is?

Prince Royce is 5'8

What is prince Royce sceen aim name?

Geoffrey Royce Rojas ( Prince Royce)

Where can you get prince Royce?

you can get Prince Royce at his website www.Prince

What does Prince Royce Work?

Prince Royce Is a singer-songwriter

Does prince Royce like somebody?

Yes, and her name is Selena Gomez, the famous singer