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Q: What is the foreign service national pay scale?
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Why will a company decide that it is unethical to pay a ghanaian worker lesser than a foreign national to do the same job?

I believe it is ethical for a foreign company to pay a ghanaian lesser than it will pay a foreign national to do the same job because of qualification difference but i want to know why it is unethical to do that

Is it ethical for a foreign company to pay an African worker far less than it would pay a foreign national to perform the same job?


What is the Foreign service pay scale?

According to the Office of Personnel Management, OPM-approved pay plan codes are found in the OPM Operating Manual: The Guide to Personnel Data Standards. For the purpose of Federal civilian personnel data reporting requirements, this manual defines "pay plan" as "a particular table or array of pay rates prescribed by law or other authoritative source that establishes the basic pay rates for certain employees." For the Foreign Service, the pay table for pay plans FO and FP can be found on the State Department web site at For the Senior Foreign Service, the basic rates of pay are pegged to the pay table for the Senior Executive Service pursuant to Executive Order 12293. The SES pay table is on the OPM website at

I am service in central government and implemented 6th pay scale but i am completed 21 years in your 4000-6000 scale what is the your new acp scale?

4600/- grade pay.

Does the US Foreign Service pay salaries?

The United States Foreign Service is part of the US State Department. This Department is headed by an executive department head that reports to the US president. The Foreign Service uses the same pay grades as other parts of the Federal governments salary scales.

What does the term 'pay scale' mean?

The term "pay scale" is a noun that refers to the hierarchy of wage level, typically varying according to job title, salary or length of service. It is also called a "salary scale" or "wage scale".

How much does the National guard make in the state of Alaska?

The same as any other state. The amount paid is based on pay grade and time in service. When doing monthly UTAs, pay is based on the table used to determine pay for National Guard and Reserve members for their weekend drills. When called to active duty, they're paid according to the active duty pay scale.

How do singers get paid?

Most musicians are on a per-service pay scale determined by the union.

Is a staff Sargent higher than a corporal in the US National Guard?

A Sergeant is higher than a Corporal in any service, police or military, US or foreign.

Would you have to pay anything to stay in Mexico?

No; only if you begin the paperwork to become a foreign national.

Army Reserves and National Guard which pays the most?

Both entities fall under the same pay scale. There is no difference in pay.

What is the salary for Military pay scale for 2008?

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) publishes the pay scales every year. In Feb 2009 they give you access to both the 2008 and the 2009 pay scale information.