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In early 1900's his goal (although he played a small role) was to dislodge the monarchy.

In the mid twenties his goal was to gain sole power and push the other Bolshevik leaders out of the picture.

His goal in the thirties was to industrialize the USSR, institute collectivization in agriculture and purge the population, military and government of all people he deemed to be counterrevolutionary.

While in power of the USSR, he always wanted to eliminate or radically decrease the power and magnitude of religion and encourage atheists.

Stalin always held the goal of crushing rebellion and revolution within the country and keeping its citizens obedient.

In the early forties he held the goal to push the Germans out of the USSR and effectively crush Hitler and his regime.

Later, he began the Cold War and the weapons race and his goal was to increase USSR war technology and make much more of it.

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The 5 year plan to make Russia a strong economic country

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Stalin's goals were to make the economy better for the Soviet Union. He tried to achieve those goals by creating 5 year plans that would make the Soviet Union stronger and more powerful.

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Q: What were stalins goals and how did he achieve them?
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