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Bobby Vinton

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Q: Who is the polish prince?
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What does the prince from Sleeping Beauty look like?


Who was Napoleon's Polish Marshal of France?

Prince Jozef Antoni Poniatowski.

Who were Jacqueline Kennedy's siblings?

She had a sister named Lee, born in 1933. She went on to marry a Polish prince.

What has the author Bobby Vinton written?

Bobby Vinton has written: 'The Polish prince' -- subject(s): Singers, Biography

Did Jackie Kennedy have any famous relatives?

I don´t think she had really famous relatives, her sister was famous because she was Jackie´s sister......... she married a prince and enjoyed being called princess but he was a Polish prince living in the exile........ not really a prince who belonged to a powerful royal family......

What nicknames does Valerie Womack go by?

Bobby Womack goes by The Preacher, and The Poet.

How do you say Polish in Polish?

"Polish" in Polish is "polski."

What is the Polish word for Polish?

The Polish word for Polish is "polski."

Are Polish and polish synonyms?

No. Polish can be a verb, as in to polish a penny (clean or brighten a penny). Polish can be an adjective, as in "That man is Polish." Polish is used to describe people from Poland.

What word has one pronunciation when it is capitalized and another pronunciation when it is not capitalized?

Polish polish Polish: when you are from Poland, you are Polish polish: like furniture polish or nail polish Trust me it is Polish and polish because It was a riddle on my test and I wrote those two words down and got it right.

What words have a different pronunciation capitalized and a different pronunciation lower case?

Polish and polish. Polish as in the Polish Hotdogs. And polish as in I polish my nails

Who was Bonnie Prince Charlies' mother?

Charlie was known as the "Young Pretender" as he was the Son of James "the III and VIII" who was the "Old Pretender" and a Polish noble woman who was related to the Kings of Poland, "Maria Clementina Sobieska". Charles was the Grandson of James the II and VII who had been deposed during the "Glorious Revolution".