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Parents are not responsible for their children once they have left home. In most cases requirements end at 18, but some places will require them to take care of their children until 21.

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Q: Are parents responsible for adult children without medical insurance?
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Who is responsible for childrens medical bills?

It depends partially on the age of the children. If they are not adults, the parents are responsible. If the children are above the age of majority, and not on their parents' insurance, they should be responsible for their own debts.

Are adult children responsible for paying deceased parents medical bills in Florida?

The estate is responsible for the medical debts. The exception would be if the children were the insurance holder or co-signed the medical agreement.

What is the parent's responsibility for medical bills for adult children that are on the parents insurance policy?

If the child is over age 18, then the parent is not responsible for the child's medical bills. The child is legally responsible for anything that the insurance policy did not pay.

Are parents responsible for adult children without medical insurance in ma?

Some medical insurance plans will cover an adult child up to about age 24 under certain circumstances. Some plans will cover them if they are in college, living at home or are permanent dependents of the parents.

Are parents responsible for adult children medical bills if the insurance runs out in Florida?

Generally speaking no, unless the children are still legal depedents. That's a legal answer. Philisophically, that's up to you.

Are the children in the state of Florida responsible for a deceased parents medical bills?

No, they are not

What is the parent's responsibility for medical bills for adult children?

Parents shouldn't be responsible for adult children.

Are parents responsible for adult children's medical bills if they claim them as dependents?

yes definitely!

Are both parents both responsible to provide medical insurance for their child?

I would certainly hope so.

CHIP Insurance Covers At-Risk Children ?

CHIP Insurance meets the medical insurance needs of children whose parents meet certain income requirements. Children often injure themselves as they play and explore, and children share germs with each other every day. Medical insurance gives all parents a financial resource, enabling them to seek proper medical care for their children. Many parents cannot provide medical insurance due to the economic environment today. CHIP ensures children have access to physicians, specialists, and medications. Information can be found online or through the local department of public welfare.

Are both parents responsible for children medical bills after a divorce?

It depends on what was ordered by the courts. Often, one parent is responsible for maintaining medical insurance, but both are responsible for the portion that's not covered by insurance. It may be a 50/50 split, or it may be 60/40 or even 70/30. It all depends on each parent's financial status, as well as who has custody, etc.

Do you have to carry medical insurance on an emancipated child in Indiana?

No. Emancipated children have no legal ties to their parents.