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no actually it sucks

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Q: Is Italian Gold a good quality of gold?
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Was the gold in California gold rush good quality?

well technically all gold is ''good gold'' but the californian gold was pretty high standard

Is 9ct gold filled good quality?

It would be better to buy a higer carat if it is gold filled-aim for 18ct, 24ct rather. Gold filled is good quality on its own, and will last a lifetime with the proper care. Eg, 9ct gold will last you 20years whereas 24ct gold will last you 50years. Stronger/higher carat gold bonded lasts longer. But than again, the 24ct looks very yellow.

It's a ring 18 kt HGE real gold?

If something is stamped "18K HGE" it is not real gold. The letters "HGE" is a quality mark used for costume jewelry, and it stands for "Heavy Gold Electroplate". The item that is electroplated has a very thin layer of gold that has been applied to its base metal, which is usually brass. This is considered "costume" jewelry since it is not gold through and through. 18KT HGE is absolutely REAL gold and in fact, the electroplating on HGE is "heavy" therefore it is quite good quality. Just because the ring is not solid gold doesn't mean the gold isn't real. The peice you have, if it appears in good condition, is very good quality.

Is Romania gold jewelry of good jewelry?

yes it is good and quality jewelry.

If the J on your Juicy sweater is gold is it fake?

Who cares, if its good quality its just a brand.

Is 12 karat gold good gold?

12 karat gold is not considered a high quality of gold. It contains 50% gold and is often mixed with other metals, making it less valuable and less pure than higher karat gold like 18 karat or 24 karat.

Is Italian gold good?

Yes, Italian gold is good. There may be jewelry pieces that are sold at 14 karats. But most Italian jewelry tends to be sold as 18 karat/750+. Even more attractive than the amount of gold in each jewelry piece are the high production and design standards. Italian jewelry is considered to incorporate the finest of classical designs.One reason for the high level of expertise in jewelry working is its historic concentration in the specialty areas of Campania, Lombardy, Tuscany, and Veneto. There, the expertise often is passed on through generations of artisan families. In fact, the attention to each stage in the processing of precious metals is so meticulous and draws on such longstanding traditions that Italy's economy counts on its solid revenues from gold, platinum and silver jewelry sales.

What does lgb mean in gold?

"LGB" in gold typically stands for "London Good Delivery Bar," which is a commonly traded gold bar that meets certain quality standards for trading on the London bullion market.

Is a 12k gold chain real or fake?

12k Gold Jewelry is very popular. The increasing price of gold makes 12k Gold Jewelry an affordable and practical option when purchasing a gold jewelry item. 12k Gold Jewelry is 50% pure gold. 12 of the 24 parts are gold and 12 parts are one or more additional metals, often a mix of silver and copper in good quality 12k gold jewelry.

Is gold plated as good as gold?

Not usually since gold is, well, solid gold.

Is gold jewelry made in china real?

Hi, that means its vermeil. Its real gold coating over .925 silver (good quality silver)

Where can one find a good quality used 18k gold necklace?

One of the best places one can find a good quality used 18K gold necklace is from classified sites such as eBay. One can also go to local auctions or yard sales as well.