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A name for woman just the same as: Winona Ryder.
Blanca --- white (used for women)

Reyes --- kings

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Q: What does Blanca Reyes mean in spanish?
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Who are the members in group1crew?

Manwell Reyes Blanca Reyes Pablo Villatoro

Are Blanca Reyes and Manwell Reyes brother and sister?

Blanca and Manwell do have the same last name but are not related at all. Blanca married Group One co-member Ben Callahan. Manwell Reyes married comedian Anjelah Johnson.

When is Blanca Reyes from group one crew birthday?

She is Blanca Callahan and she was born February 10,1986.

Is costa blanca a spanish costa?

I dont know what you mean

What nationality is Blanca Reyes of group 1 crew?


What does blancon mean in Spanish?

if you mean blanco... blanco is the masculine form of white (blanca is feminine)

What does blanco mean in spanish?

white, applied to a masculine object. the feminine form is "blanca".

What language do people speak in playa blanca?

They speak Spanish in Playa Blanca, meaning "White Beach" in Spanish.

What is Spanish for white?


What is spanish word for white?


What is spanish for white girl?

muchacha blanca

What is white house in spanish?

Casa Blanca