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Q: What was the score with arsenal vs dynamo kiev?
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Arsenal vs Liverpool score?

the answer is 2-0 for arsenal OMG!

What was there arsenal score?

4th of march 3-1 to arsenal vs west brom

Arsenal vs Bolton 20th Jan score?

the score was 2-0 to Bolton

What was the highest score in an arsenal football match?

7-0 to Arsenal at The Emirates vs Sparta Prague.

What was the highest arsenal fc score?

12-0 vs loughborough 1896

How do you read the scores in a football match?

the highest score then the lowest score then the name of the team that has the highest score i.e arsenal Vs manutd and the score is 2:1 so u read it 2:1 for arsenal

Who was the last White Englishman to score for Arsenal?

David Bentley in the Carling Cup vs. Middlesboro in January 2004.

Name the teams involved in the premiership match which has 9 different scorers on the score sheet?

Tottenham Hotspurs VS Arsenal Nov 2004 Final Score (4-5)

Arsenal vs manchesterunited?

Arsenal would win 3-0

How many hat tricks did Henry score for arsenal?

He scored Eight Hat-tricks for Arsenal: 1 in 2000/01 vs Leicester City 1 in 2002/03 vs West Ham United 2 in 2003/04 vs Liverpool and Leeds United 2 in 2004/05 vs Portsmouth and Norwich City 2 in 2005/06 vs Middlesbrough and Wigan Athletic

Which arsenal player scored on his debut for arsenal?

samir nasri vs wba 2009

What was the score in the 2007 cup final game Chelsea vs Arsenal?

unfortunately arsenal beat Chelsea 5-3 Goal Scorers for Chelsea: Lampard, Terry, and Mata Goal Scorers for Arsenal: Van Persie(3 goals), Santos, and Walcott. Hope this helps.