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A treaty.

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Q: What word is used to describe and agreement between two countries?
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What word is used to describe an agreement between countries?

A treaty.A bilateral treaty if it's an agreement between two countries.A multilateral treaty if it's an agreement between three or more countries.Treaties are principally binding agreements.

What was the term used for the British Prime Minister's agreement with Hitler?

The name of the agreement referred to in the question was the Munich Agreement. The term used to describe the policy and/or philosophy behind it was appeasement.

What are the names for rich and poor countries?

"Developed countries" are typically used to describe rich or high-income countries, while "developing countries" or "less developed countries" are terms used to describe poor or low-income countries.

What is a treaty for?

A treaty is a formal agreement between two or more countries that establishes mutually agreed upon rules, obligations, and benefits for the parties involved. Treaties are commonly used to promote peace, facilitate trade, and address issues such as human rights, environment, and security.

What is an agreement between two opposing parties?

An agreement between two different parties is known as a Bipartisan agreement. This term is used most commonly in politics.

What legal term does John Winthrop use to describe the Puritans' relationship with God?

John Winthrop used the term "Covenant" to describe the Puritans' relationship with God, emphasizing a binding agreement between them based on mutual obligations and responsibilities.

What terms are used to describe the countries of belguim the Netherlands and Luxembourg?

'BeNeLux' is the term that is used to describe Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Terms used to describe eliminating countries weapons?


What was used to symbolize the agreement between Boaz and the realtive?

A slipper

What did 54-40 or fight or mean?

it was the slogan used for the conflict between Canada and the U.S. "54 40" meaning the latitude lines that the countries were arguig over to set the boundaries at. The countries eventually came to the agreement to set the boundary at 49.

What is the term used to describe an agreement in which nations promise not to attack one another?

There are several terms that involve peace between two countrues: non-aggression pact, armistice, and truce are the most common

What term is used to describe the fact that countries of the south are economically dependent on the countries of the north?

Central America