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Of course a sting ray can eat a hermit crab with they're jaw would be able to eat a rock!

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Q: Can a sting ray eat a hermitcrab?
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What does a sting ray eat?

They eat mollusks, crustaceans and small fish.

What eats a sting ray?

sharks eat them

What animal inspired the Corvette sting ray?

Manta Ray, Sting Ray, and the Mako Shark.

What do sting ray eat?

Sting rays love to eat shrimp through there holes underneath them not the holes on there sidethey suck there food up like spaghettie

What does a southern sting ray eat?

big fat horses and lg bmfplkjbgp'fjdnbm[l mlnbko'nklbn'lFKNBM'

When was Sting Ray torpedo created?

Sting Ray torpedo was created in 1983.

Is a sting ray a vertebrates or invertebrates?

A Sting Ray is a Vertebrate. Also, its phylum is Chordata.

How does a sting ray move in water?

A sting ray swims slowly through the water.

What does a hammerhaed shark eat?

mostly sting ray or fish some peopel even found seals in the belly

What is a sting ray fever?

It is the expression for the migration of sting rays

Can a hammerhead shark eat a giant saltwater sting ray?

Yes, and so can tiger sharks, which often prey on rays.

How much was a Corvette sting ray worth in 1962?

They didn't call Corvettes "Sting Ray" in 1962. They didn't bring out the Sting Ray Corvettes until 1963. The 1962 Corvette's base price is $4,038.