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Although bees and ladybirds are both insects, there are many differences between them, such as: * Bees live in Hives, Ladybirds do not * Bees have stingers, Ladybirds have no sting, but they do bite

* Bees feed on pollen and nectar, Ladybirds live on aphids and other small insects. * Bees live in colonies and are dependent of the social structure, Ladybirds are independent. Bees and ladybugs belong to completely different insect orders and are therefore about as different as crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Bees are hymenoptera, ladybugs are beetles.

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ladybugs ar red and black and bees are yellow can black and they both fly

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Q: How are ladybugs and bees different?
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What are some bugs?

Spiders, Bees, Butterflies, flies, ants, ladybugs, beetles, ladybugs, and The insects that suck blood.

What herbivores live in a meadow?

Type your answer here... bees ladybugs ...

Why are ladybugs colorful?

Ladybugs are different colors because they are different spices.

What are the names of some Insects?

Butterflies, Bees, Wasps, Cockroaches, Moths, Ladybugs, Ants, Scorpions and Mosquitoes!

What are three insects that are beneficial to green houses?

Ladybugs bees and ladybeetles Anything that pollinats or eats parasites.

Can ladybugs be poisoning?

possibly yes there are a countless amount of different ladybugs and there is surely some types that are poisonous

What is the relationship between the ladybugs and cluster flies Do the ladybugs turn into cluster flies?

No, they are different insects. Ladybugs (ladybirds) are types of beetle,

Do bees kill ladybug?

Yes. They compete with each other for prey such as aphids, mealy bugs, mites, scales, and whiteflies. If they've no other food source, then they turn on each other. This is particularly a problem with Asian ladybugs. These non-natives are out-competing native ladybugs for prey. And they consider native ladybugs prey.

What are some animals that are insects?

there are many types of insects including ladybugs butterflys grasshopers lacewings ants bees and more ( spiders are NOT insects)

Is there anything the same about ladybugs and bees?

Ladybugs and Bees are both classed as insects and therefore share many physical characteristics, such as: * 3 body parts, head thorax and abdomen * 3 pairs of legs, 6 legs in total * An exoskeleton as a supportive frame * A pair of antenna * Two pairs of wings * Both need air, water and food to live

What colors can ladybugs be?

Ladybugs can be red, yellow, pink, Brown, black, and orange.

Do bees sting bees?

it depends they might if two different type of bees.