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Your tibia is your shin bone, it connects your ankle to your knee, I'm not sure about the tarsus...

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Q: What are the functions of the tibia and tarsus?
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Leg unit between tarsus and femur?

The leg unit between the tarsus and femur is the tibia. The tibia is one of the two bones in the lower leg, along with the fibula. The tibia is located between the femur, which is the thigh bone, and the tarsal bones of the foot.

Where is the tarsus in the body?

the area in the foot between the tibia fibula and metatarsals

What type is joint between tarsus and tibia?

Only Ankle, which is hinge

What is an eagles tarsi?

The tarsus refers to the bones between the tibia and the metatarsus. In an eagle, the tarsus is the connective bone between its talons and ankle.

What is an acrotarsium?

An acrotarsium is the instep of the tarsus, the part of the foot between the tibia, fibula, and metatarsus.

What are the three parts of an insects leg?

This is in order: Coxar,or the joint, Femur, Tibia, Tarsus or the foot.

What is the joint between the talus and tibia fibula?

The ankle joint.

What are the functions of the tibia?

Along with the basic functions of a bone, the tibia's primary function is locomotion and bearing the weight of the body while standing upright.

What are some functions of the talus?

articulates with tibia

What is the function of the spinelike structures found on the tibia and tarsus?

The spinelike structures found on the tibia and tarsus of some bird species help to provide additional surface area for muscle attachments, aiding in leverage and strength during activities like running or jumping. These structures also serve to protect the joint and provide stability during movement.

What joint is between the tarsus and tibia and fibula?

It is a plane (gliding) jointYes tarsal is a joint found in the pes or feet that we call.GlidingGliding

The tibiotarsal joint is found in the?

The tibiotarsal joint is found in the hind limb of animals, including mammals like dogs and cats. It is the joint between the tibia and the tarsal bones, such as the talus and calcaneus, and is important for movement and weight-bearing in the limb.