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Ask the guy who originally bought it.

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Q: How can you determine age of cairns and brothers firefighter's helmet?
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What do a firefighter wear to protect his head?

Firefighters have a series of protective gear they wear when fighting fires. To protect their heads they wear a helmet. This helmet is designed to keep falling objects from hurting the firefighter and the design is styled as to funnel water over the back of the firefighters head so water does not pour down his back.

What movie has woman in firefighters helmet?

The Net with Sandra Bullock as a computer programmer running from a sort of Big Brother-type software security company.

What is written on the back of every clone trooper helmet?

"In This Moment We Are All Brothers" is written on the back of every clone trooper helmet.

Why must Firefighter's helmet be water proof?

Do to the fact that Firefighters frequently use water, their helmets must be water proof to 1. prevent from adding more weight, and 2. prevent distraction from excess saturation.

What is written on the firemens helments?

Firefighters' helmets typically have their department's name or logo on the front, and sometimes have a reflective strip around the base for visibility. Personalized information like the firefighter's name or rank may also be included on the helmet.

What is the ancient Greek helemet called?

Attic helmet, Corinthian helmet, Beotian helmet, Chalcidian helmet, Illyrian helmet, Boar's tusk helmet.

What is the plural possessive form of fireman?

firemen's The firemen's pay was late.

What size helmet should your 9 year old wear?

There is no age standard for helmet sizes, A helmet is sized according to the circumference of the persons head. Taking a tailors tape measure, measure from the tip of one ear back to the tip of the ear, Then determine which helmet feels comfortable to the shape of the persons head, Make sure it's comfortable and does not move front to back or side to side. Listed below is a link to the size chart from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.

What are the benefits of a Protec helmet?

The benefits of a Protec helmet are many. This helmet has been called the 'classic bike helmet'. It protects your head when you are participating in sports that can cause damage if a helmet is not used.

Why Swedish firemen wear hood first?

Not only is this in Sweden, but many and most other places. The hood is used as protection for the areas of the firefighters head which aren't covered by the helmet. It is commonly put on before the coat because it can be difficult and time consuming to tuck in the hood if you put in on after the coat.

Should football helmet tackles be disallowed?

Helmet-To-Helmet are not allowed. If that's what you were asking.

How do dwarves get their beard in their helmet?

Beards are not in the helmet. Only the upper portions of the head are in the helmet.