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I make minimum wage at ihop, but my friend who's been there for almost two years make 15 cents more :P

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A hostess gets paid $7.25 hourly.

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Q: How much does ihop pay their waitresses?
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How much do waitresses make in ct?

Waitresses make a base pay of 2.13 an hour. If they don't make 8.70 with their tips, which is minimum wage, the restaurant must make up the difference.

How much does ihop managers make?

The pay and salary at IHOP will vary based on the location of the restaurant. However, as a waitress or waiter, it is expected to make about $3.00 per hour plus tips.

Does ihop restaurat pay each week?

No, Ihop pays Bi-weekly. Well, at least the Ihop I work at, which is located in Orlando, FL. Hope this helps!

Why do waitresses use math?

A waitress gives you the bill so she needs to know how to add the numbers so you know how much money to pay.

How much money do waitresses make an hour in Arizona?

A person must be 19 years or older in the state of Arizona before becoming a waitress. Other states that require waitresses to be 19 are Delaware and North Dakota.

How much does bacon cost today?

It just depends on where you go and how much you want to pay for it. you could go to ihop and i know that it shouldn't be that expensive.

What is the plural posessive of waitress?


Why do churches get 10 percent and waitresses get 15 percent?

Churches and Charities are supposed to get 10% of your total salary. Waitresses get 15% of the cost of one meal. Hopefully, your total income does not go to pay for one meal. I Romania waitress get only 5 or maximum 10 percent. It really depends of how much want people to give and how much they want to keep for them selves.

How much does ihop cost for 5 people?


How much do waitresses make at ice cream parlors?

average is three dollars an hour.

How much do waitresses make in Boston MA?

around $65-$69 per hour.

How much do waitresses get paid?

minimum wage, but tips give the employee a good bonus