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That is only considered slow in the journalists world As long as your accuracy is good, yes, 70 wpm is good. Keep working at it and you can only get faster.

Average wpm for adults - 41 wpm.


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Q: Is typing 70 words per minute considered to be fast?
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How you can type fast?

Practise typing quickly without looking

How many words per minute can a fast typer type?

A professional typist types a lot of words per minute because their jobs depend on it. Many type between 60 and 75 words per minute if not more. It is possible to build your typing speed by practicing and taking advantage of speed typing tests.

Can you type faster than 0.1 second?

No, i would consider myself to be a fast typer, i make mistakes sometimes, but it probably is because i am typing too fast, my average typing speed is roughly 50 words a minute.

How many letters can you text on a phone in 1 minute to be considered fast?

You can text 30 words

What is 4000 words per minute in typing?

A world record that has never, ever been experienced before, and most likely would never be experienced again. Good typists type between 60-80 words per minute. Fast typists type between 80-110 words per minute. Very fast typists can reach speeds of 120 words per minute. Transcriptionists often reach speeds of 140-160 words per minute. The best typists can type 160-240 words per minute. The world record for typing speed is 360 words per minute with a 97.23% accuracy rate (meaning very few mistakes). 4,000 words per minute would be a record that would hold forever!

What kinds of skills are required to get a job in the medical transcription industry?

The primary skill required to get a medical transcription job is a fast typing speed. You'll need to be able to type at least 80 words per minute to be considered a particularly good candidate.

Is 14 words a minute slow for typing?

Yes it's slow Slow speed = 0-20 Average = 20-50 Fast = 50-100 Mine is 49 :-)

What do you mean by WPM state and explain the types of WPM?

Without knowing in what context this question is asked - I BELIEVE that it stands for Words Per Minute, which is a measure of typists, or keyboarders, typing speed and skills.

How you would be classified if you typed 45 words per minute?

45 WPM is an above average value and therefore comparably fast, but not yet what you would expect from a secretary - which is around 60 WPM and reaches up to 100WPM for very fast-typing's average. See more in source

How fast does an average person type?

You could say that there are 3-4 levels of touch typing 1. "Slow" typing: below 50 wpm: 2. "Normal" touch typing: 50-80 wpm: For many jobs that require typing, this is a good speed, such as being a secretary. 3. "Expert": 90- 120 wpm: For stenographers For comparison, the fastest typers in the world can type at 170 wpm or above. Many of the top typers today however use Dvorak keyboards instead of Qwerty

Are you fast at typing?

Very Fast

How do you get a job typing ebooks?

fast typing speed