Why does phlebotomy interest you?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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It's a very lucrative career that doesn't require long time training. Only a few months of practice and some theory, and you get the phlebotomy certification to start a rewarding career. The average hourly rate is about $15, and the demand for personnel is increasing. What could be better?

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Q: Why does phlebotomy interest you?
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What is a phlebotomy salery?

What is a Phlebotomy salery

Where can I get more information on phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is a very fast growing field. You can get great phlebotomy at

What is the salary for a phlebotomy in Ohio?

what is the salary for a phlebotomy........

How do you become a phlebotomy instructor?

how do I become a phlebotomy instructor

Does vcu offer Phlebotomy?

Hi do you offer phlebotomy courses

What do phlebotomy do?

Phlebotomy is the act of extracting blood from humans or animals. To do it, you have to go through a training to get the phlebotomy certification, after sitting for a national exam.

Are there any programs that have phlebotomy training?

Yes, there are many phlebotomy training programs. Check out

Where can you get a phlebotomy certification?

The Center for Phlebotomy Education's School of Phlebotomy serves the Southern Indiana/Louisville, Kentucky area. You can get your certification there or you can visit their website.

How can I find phlebotomy training in Greensboro, NC?

Simply visit Provide the name " Phlebotomy Training" or "Phlebotomy School"in Greensboro, NC. Yellow pages will provide you with a list of "Phlebotomy schools in the Greensboro, NC area.

Where can I get phlebotomy training in Montana?

Montana State University offers phlebotomy training

What is the hourly pay rate for Phlebotomy in Kentucky?

What is the pay rate for Phlebotomy in Kentucky

How do I get my phlebotomy certification?

To get your phlebotomy certification you will need to pass a class and a written exam