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Unless you qualify for Section 8 housing, you will not find a house for rent in you $500 or under price range. To find out if you qualify for Section 8 housing, and learn more about Section 8 housing, visit

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Q: Need a rental house for less than $500/mo.?
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Yes, Just call your insurance agent. Your agent can recommend the right policy or coverage endorsement you need for a rental property.

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When you are not quite ready to own a home but you are tired of apartment living, a house rental may be the best alternative. Choosing the right house rental can take some time, but it is worth it if you find a house that suits your needs well.What Kind of Neighborhood do you Need?One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a rental house is the neighborhood. The house may be perfect, but if the neighbors are not the kind of people you feel comfortable with you will never feel at home. Drive through the neighborhood and look for signs of property neglect. Take note of how many cars are parked in the street in front of the houses. Listen for barking dogs or loud music coming from nearby houses. If you prefer quiet, you may want a neighborhood that doesn’t have many children. All of these things can have a direct impact on your comfort level in your rental home.How Much Upkeep Will the House Require?Make an honest assessment of how much work you will need to do to keep your rental house looking nice. If there is a large lawn, you will need to schedule time to mow it regularly. Flower beds are beautiful, but they need to be weeded at least once a week. Look at areas of the yard that may become muddy during rainy parts of the year and think about whether you will need to get through them on a regular basis. If a house will require more upkeep than you can manage, keep shopping.Keeping Pets in a Rental HouseOne of the most popular benefits of a rental house compared to an apartment is that you can usually keep larger animals in a house. If you are interested in keeping pets at a rental house, find out what rules your lease indicates regarding dogs and cats. You may need to discuss the matter with your landlord to get permission to have an animal. Make sure that the yard is big enough to allow your pet plenty of room to move around safely.

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