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Yes and no. While If you were convicted of a felony you may not receive Federal Student Aid. However, most employers will not hire anyone who has been convicted of a Felony within a 10 year period. Some employers (with regards to state law) have the right to do a FBI Background check preemployment.

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Q: Can a convicted felon become a medical tech?
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Can you become a surgical tech with a felony?

can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech can a convicted felon get a job as a surgical tech

Can a convicted felon get a x-ray tech?

Some can. It depends on the nature and recency of the conviction.

Can a felon become a surgical tech?

A surgical tech will have to have undergone a background check in order to attend school or to get a job. A felon would not be able to pass the background check.

Can a convicted felon become a Pharmacy Tech?

If you work for an EOE (equal opportunity employer) there is a better chance of a convicted felon (serving prison time or not) to become employed in this field. There are no employers MANDATED or otherwise SUPERVISED in the criminal status of their employees. ONLY federaly mandated laws pertaining to national security and other similar orginazations (public or private) will REQUIRE (by law) a background check for these positions.

Can you become an xray tech if you were convicted of a drug charge?

yep especially if you have any felonies also

How do I become a surgical Tech?

In order to become a surgical tech, one must go to a technical or medical school to become certified. Once certified, a tech may go out and find a job.

What sort of school do you need to become an x ray tech?

A medical technical college try

What training do I need to become a med tech?

A bachelor's degree in medical technology or in a life science is usually the minimum education requirement for medical technologists.Some states have medical technologist licensing requirements.

Where can I get my mri tech license ?

In order to become a MRI tech, one must go to either a technical school, or a medical school. It is also not uncommon to seek training online as well.

How do I become medical tech certified?

To get a med tech certification, you will have to go to university and at least get a diploma. Good schools include British Columbia Information Technology university and Camosun College.

What to you do to become an EMS?

You don't become an EMS you become an EMT that works for an EMS. an EMT is an Emergency Medical Tech. And EMS is Emergency Medical Service. To answer your question contact your local community collage or Ambulance service, And they'll set you on the wright track.

What is the best med tech job, other than doctor or nurse?

You can become a medical technician without becoming a nurse or a doctor. To become a medical technician you should get your certification and then begin a job search in your local paper or online.