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if you are a learner driver u need a person with a full licence sitting in the passenger seat and u need to be insured

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Q: Can you drive a reliant robin on l plates?
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Does your license have to be full or provisional to drive a reliant robin?

You have to have a full car licence or a full motor bike licence.

Can a 16 year old drive a reliant kitten on the road in UK on L plates?

Unfortunately you cannot, the Robin Kitten weights more than 350kg unladen, therefore it does not come under category AM.

Can you drive a reliant robin on a provisional?

as fare as my research goes there is plenty of opinions on the matter that reliant Robbin's can be driven on a provisional due to minor reasons such as. you must have a cat, B 1 licence an L plates must be.front-back . to me sounds quit true facts .

Can a person teach someone to drive on a fully comp insurance with l plates?

can I let my grandson drive my car on L plates

Can people drive on the motorways with L plates?


What types of L plates can you buy?

You can buy magnetic, adhesive, and clip-on types of L plates for displaying on a vehicle while learning to drive. Magnetic L plates can be easily attached and removed, adhesive plates stick to the vehicle's body, and clip-on plates can be easily clipped on and off the vehicle.

Do you need L plates after passing your compulsory bike test and holding a full car license?

You are able to drive a 50cc without l plates if you have a CBT and full driving licence but you still need L plates if you plan on driving anything bigger like a 125cc

Can you drive with passengers in car with L plates?

in Ireland and UK you can as long as you have a fully qualified driver beside you

When was Robin L. Webb born?

Robin L. Webb was born in 1960.

In the UK can you drive alone with l plates and a provisional licience?

no the only time which you can drive a car alone in the UK is when you have passed your driving test and you hold a full license. if you have not passed your driving test you can drive a car if you have a provisional license and L plates with a person who has held a full license for three years or more and is over 21 years old!

When was Robin L. Taylor born?

Robin L. Taylor was born on 1943-02-05.

Is it legal to drive a car with L plates on after you have past your test?

YES! never do that because you will be fined no matter what the story you tell the officers is.