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Locate the nearest Child Support Enforcement office (usually through State welfare office), and submitt a copy of the parent's mug shot- which can be obtained via the county sheriff's website. This will help child support enforcement in locating him...where you can then re-open a closed case, or update an open case

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Q: Convicted felon owes child support in Florida?
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Will a convicted felon get child custody after divorcing in Florida?

Unless both parents are convicted felons, probably not.

Can a convicted felon obtain a business license in florida?

can a convicted felon obtain a business license and surety bond in florida?

Can a convicted felon get a drivers license in Florida?


How does marrying a convicted felon effect a persons credit jobs etc?

The answer depends on if the person you are marrying has any past debts such as child support and etc... Due to the fact that they are a convicted felon with the new laws and all convicted felons can not really get too much. From my experience marrying a convicted felon effects you mentally. I hope I was able to answer your question. Be blessed

Can a convicted felon in Florida receive Medicaid for his children?

Yes, the criminal history of the parent does not count against the child when it comes to insurance assistance.

Are there any laws or guidelines in the state of Florida in which a felony probation officer can violate someone if they come in contact with a convicted felon?

Yes, if you are convicted felon currently on probation you are not to have any kind of contact with any other convicted felon.

Can a convicted out of state Florida felon buy a gun?

No. A convicted felon is a convicted felon regardless of WHERE they go or live in the US. Note: Use caution if you're even thinking about it! The federal punishment for felon in possession of a firearm is a minimum of 15 years in federal prison.

Does a convicted felon get supervised visits of his child?

That is the purpose of SUPERVISED.

Can a convicted felon obtain a Private investigators licence in Florida?

HIGHLY unlikely.

Can a convicted felon use a bb gun to defend his house in Florida?

No, a felon may not be in possession of any firearm in Florida. This includes BB and dart guns.

Can your exwife leave your child with a convicted felon?

My exwife has been using a convicted felon as a baby sitter for my 10 yr old child.Do i have any legal rights? the only legal right you would have is if they were convicted of a crime against a child.

Can a parent have custody if they live with a convicted felon and are not married to them?

It depends on the felony conviction. Especially if the felon is child predator.