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About 14$ a gram

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Q: How much is weed in Amsterdam?
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How much does it take to open a weed shop?

you cant it illigal, unless you go amsterdam.

Where can one find images of Amsterdam weed?

There are many different websites that contain images of Amsterdam weed. Some of these websites include Smokers Guide to Amsterdam, YouTube, and TripAdvisor.

What else can one buy in an Amsterdam coffee shop?

Amsterdam coffee shops are famous for the sale of weed and hash. It is legal to buy and use weed or hash in coffee shops in Amsterdam but it is illegal to use or smoke weed or hash in public.

Is weed leagal in Jamaica and Amsterdam?

No weed is not legal in Jamaica

Can americans smoke weed in amsterdam Or is it illegal now because my friend said some law passed saying foreigners couldn't smoke weed there any more?

Anyone who goes to Amsterdam can buy weed, and smoke it, but they are getting more serious about people taking it out of Amsterdam.

Is weed legal in MI?

There is only one place that I could think of in which "weed" is legal and that is in Amsterdam.

What states is weed legalized?

I'm not sure it is legal in any! Amsterdam weed and hash is legal.

Would smoking weed in Amsterdam mean I wouldn't keep my job as a police officer in the UK?

No because in Amsterdam it is legal to smoke marajuana; but only in "weed cafes" that sell it.

Can you smoke weed in Amsterdam at 16 and get away with it?

If you know people, you can. but officialy it is from the age of 18 possible to smoke weed.

What's The weed Capitol Of The World?

Garberville,California, in humboldt county.

Is weed laygal?

It is legal in amsderdam learn how to spell... legal...Amsterdam

How does Amsterdam get their weed?

Half from Morocco and half is homegrown, so called nederwiet.