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James Madison was the man who arrived 3 months earlier to begin the blueprints on the constitution and was also the man who took detailed notes at the constitutional convention.

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James Madison

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Q: Man whose notes tell us much of what happened at the Constitutional Convention?
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Under whose intellectual guidance did the constitutional convention form a new government?

Alexander hamilton

Whose workt the constitutional convention earned him the title father of the constitution?

james madison (apex)

What is the point of constitutional conventions?

A constitutional convention is an informal and uncodified procedural agreement that is followed by the institutions of a state. In some states, notably those Commonwealth of Nations states that follow the Westminster system and whose political systems derive from British constitutional law, most government functions are guided by constitutional convention rather than by a formal written constitution.

Who is the man whose picture appears on US dollar bill?

The Leader of the Continental Army during the Revolution, and President of the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and the First President of the Constitutional United States George Washington

What is constitutional governemnt?

Government whose policies are based off of a constitution

Whose ideas led to your constitutional separation of powers?

European Enlightenment

Whose idea was the Three-Fifths Compromise?

The Three-fifths Compromise was proposed by delegates James Wilson and Roger Sherman during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. It was added as Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 to the United States Constitution.

Did Charles cotesworth pinckney sign the declaration of indepedence?

No - he did not - although he was related (through marriage) to one of the signers. In 1773, he married Sarah Middleton, whose father Henry Middleton whose brother Arthur Middleton WAS one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Pickney represented South Carolina at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and signed THAT document.

Whose portrait appears on US100 notes?

Benjamin Franklin

Who was at the Constitutional Convention?

There were 55 delegates, including George Washington (whom the delegates unanimously elected to chair the convention), Ben Franklin (the 'sage' of the convention, and, at 81, it's oldest member), Alexander Hamilton (later in the convention he was stripped of his vote when the other New York delegates left), and James Madison of Virginia (whose scrupulous notes would tell us of the proceedings of the Convention). Rhode Island did not send a delegate. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were not there because they were serving the country abroad, but they sent letters encouraging the delegates. Patrick Henry did not attend because he "smelt a rat" that the convention, which was purportedly only to revise the Articles of Confederation, would instead write an entirely new document creating a strong federal government "tending toward the monarchy." 39 delegates actually signed the Constitution.

What is a constitutional government?

A constitutional government is a system that has a President whose actions are dictated by a constitutional document. The country usually has a system of checks and balances to make certain that the Constitution is upheld.

Whose Photographs are found on the 500 rupee notes in India?

Mahatma Gandhi