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You must be the age of majority to sign a contract. That is set at 18 in Georgia. Without an adult co-signer, the contract can be voided.

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Q: What age of consent is it legal to sign a contract for the gym in Georgia?
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What age of consent is it legal to sign a contract for the gold's gym in Jersey City NJ?

The age of majority is required to sign a legally binding contract. That is 18 in NJ.

What is the legal age to purchase a car without a parents consent?

You must be 18 to sign a contract to purchase a car.

In Georgia can a minor void a contract or is it voidable?

In Georgia, a minor cannot sign a contract. If a minor does sign a contract, it is voidable because it is illegal.

What is the legal age in Missouri for getting pierced?

When going to get a piercing/ tattoo you are asked to sign a contract. In Missouri anyone under the age of 18 can not sign a contract therefore you cant get a piercing/' tattoo unless your parent/guardian is there to sign and can prove they are your parent/guardian.

Is it legal for a minor child to own an automobile in Florida without parental consent?

{| |- | No it would not be legal. A minor has to be at least 18 to sign a contract, which would include the ability to own a car. A parent would have to sign the agreement. |}

Can a 17-year-old sign a contract without parental consent?

In the United States, a 17 year old needs parental consent, and the parent has to sign a contract for the minor.

Legal age in Newfoundland?

16 to consent to sex and to move out of your parents house without their consent. 18 to consent to anal, to vote, to join the military, to rent porn, to sign a contract. 19 to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

What is the legal age to sign a contract in new york state?

Legal Age In NYS To Sign An Enforceable Contract Is 18 and Older

Can a 17 year old sign a legal contract in New Hampshire?

No, they cannot sign a legal contract. They must be 18 or have a co-signer.

Legal age to sign lease in Georgia?

The legal age to sign a lease in Georgia is 18 years of age or older. You can leave home at 17, but you cannot be kicked out of your home until you are 18.

How old do you have to be to move out without consent in Georgia?

You can leave home on your own at age 17 in Georgia, but you cannot be kicked out until age 18. Be aware that you won't be able to rent an apartment (you cannot sign any lease or contract until the age of majority, which is 18 in Georgia).

What is the legal age to sign a mortgage loan in Tennessee?

The legal age to sign any contract is 18.