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Q: What does a prosecutor have to prove in a manslaughter case?
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What is the role of the prosecutor in a civil case?

to try and prove the guiltyness of the defendent with evedence and or witnesses

Can a Prosecutor pursue a case that no longer has Probable Cause?

Do not understand question. WHO says it no longer has PC? Probable Cause is WHAT the prosecutor is going to prove to the jury as the foundation for the arrest and charge.

Why might a crime be considered manslaughter rather than murder?

A crime may be considered manslaughter rather than murder when there is evidence of the intent to cause harm, but not necessarily the intent to kill. Manslaughter typically involves the unintentional or reckless killing of another person, often in the heat of the moment or as a result of negligence. Murder, on the other hand, requires a deliberate intent to cause the death of another person.

Who has the burden of proof?

"Beyond a reasonable doubt" in a criminal case, "A preponderance of the evidence" in a civil case. The advocate of a case always has the burden of proof - the prosecutor in a criminal case, the plaintiff in a civil case.

What happens after a guilty plea?

The prosecutor's office starts assembling their case and witnesses with a veiw towards presenting a solid case to prove the defendant guilty. Likewise, the defense starts doing the same thing for the presentation of the defense case. If the defendant is out on bailbond release, it will likely continue.

What is the least number of person who can serve on a jury in a criminal trial?

A jury in a criminal case is comprised of twelve (12) or six (6) members and two (2) alternates. The two alternates are not informed of their alternate status until after the closing arguements have been completed by both the prosecutor, the defense and the prosecutor again. The prosecutor gets the final say because it is their job to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

If someone pleads guilty does evidence still need to be presented?

No. Evidence is only presented if the prosecutor and defender need to argue the case. The evidence is only used to prove guilt or innocence.

Is a prosecutor legally permitted to engage plea negotiations absent prima facie evidence?

What do you mean by prima facie evidence? A prosecutor is free to enter into a plea agreement at any point during a criminal case. He or she is also ethically required not to charge a case against an individual unless they feel that they can prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt to begin with. That's not to say that there isn't such a thing as a unethical prosecutor that would charge a case on very little evidence. However that is a rarity. A prosecutor ethically is also required not to prosecute a case unless they believe that person to be guilty it is not simply to secure convictions. There is no such thing as an amount of evidence that is required for a plea negotiation. However, if a prosecutor is being ethical about it there will almost always be some evidence to suggest the accussed's guilt.

What is the name of the prosecutor of the scottsboro case?

An allian

Who is the prosecuter in a criminal case?

"The State" functions as the prosecutor in a criminal case.

How prosecutor decision affect relationship with judges?

The prosecutor and the Judge are supposed to carry themselves in a professional manner. In a court of law, the prosecutor is only supposed to argue his case for prosecution. The judge holds the final word. The prosecutor decisions does not affect the judge judgment of a case.

What is the verb of the word proof?

Prove (verb). A prosecutor has to prove the defendant committed a crime. He presents the proof to the jury in order to prove his case.Another, job-specific verb form of proof is in my industry, journalism, where we will say "Would you proof this page?" In this case proof is a shortened version of the verb proofread. This probably is not in Webster's.