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The relationship is that the state government help in funding the local government

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Q: What is the relationship between state and local government in Nigeria?
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What is Nigeria's government organizational chart?

the organizational structure and functions of local government in nigeria

How many local government area in Nigeria?

We have 774 local government areas in Nigeria

What is the relationship between the three tiers of government in Nigeria?

legislature - mace and gavel. judiciary - wig and scale of justice executive- coat of arms and national flag

What are the definition of local government in nigeria by different authors?

Definition of local government by different scholars

Which state has the highest local government in Nigeria?

The local government in Nigeria is the third tier of government after the Federal and State governments. It is the closest to the grassroot. It is called the Area Council in the case of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. There are 774 local government areas (LGAs) in Nigeria. The local governments are headed by a Chairman who is elected.

The oldest local government in Nigeria?

Ikot ekpene

Names of Local Government Chairmen in Nigeria?

There are 774 local government area in Nigeria. Each area has its own chairman. The chairman of the area, Ado is Gorge I. Uloko.

What are the similarities between British local government system and nigeria local government system?

The British local government system and the Nigerian local government system exist they both maintain a large population. Both countries recognized the economic advantages of having a large amount of land.

What can be done to improve the life of people in a local government in Nigeria?

the 1976 local gorvernment reform in nigeria.

Where is the local government area Zango located?

Zango is one of the local government areas in Nigeria, in the Katsina State. It is located near the northern border of Nigeria and the Republic of Niger.

The role of local government in community development in nigeria?

The local government in Nigeria carries out the task of setting county rules and regulations regarding land and business. The local government also carries out tasks such as water provision and garbage collection.

Who ruled Nigeria before the Europeans arrived?

Local Government