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1. Cabinet departments

2. Independent agencies

3. government corporations

4. regulatory agencies

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Q: What the 4 divisions of the executive branch?
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What are the fours divisions of the executive branch?

The president, Vice President, cabinet members are the executive branch

What are 4 divisions of the executive branch?

The four main divisions of the executive branch in the United States are the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and executive departments and agencies. Each plays a specific role in carrying out the functions of the executive branch of government.

What are the divisions of the executive branch?

CabinetDepartmentsIndependent AgencesGovernment CorporationsRegulatory Agences

What is the term for executive Branch?

the executive branch is the president so it is 4 years.

What branch is department of justice in the Philippines?

There are 3 main divisions in the Phil Gov't namely the Executive Branch, Legislative and Judiciary branch. The department of Justice falls in the Judiciary branch.

What are the two major divisions of the executive branch?

The Executive Branch does not have houses, except maybe the White House. It is the Legislative Branch (US Congress) that has two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

What are 4 simple things that the judicial and the executive branch can do?

The judicial branch can interpret laws, the executive branch enforces them. Also the executive branch can veto bills given to him/her by Congress, the judicial branch can declare things "unconstitutional."

Which branch of government is most of the federal bureaucracy found in?


What branch of government is the president chief of?

The president is chief of the executive branch of government.

Which branch appoints judges and cabinet members?

The Executive Branch.

The president is part of what branch of government?

The President is chief executive officer of the Executive Branch.

What branch of government enforces laws?

executive branch