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Q: What was another English document that helped serve as a forerunner to the us constitution and bill of rights called?
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Is constitution necessary in a stable democracy?

Rule of law is necessary for a stable democracy but it does not need to be a written constitution. Some countries (most known is the UK) have no single constitutional document. Their constitution is merely a set of laws and principles. This is called an uncodified or unwritten constitution. New Zealand is another country without a single constitutional document.

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What type of leader follows the constitution?

When speaking about the US Constitution, a conservative political leader tends to regard the Constitution as a document that severely limits the powers of the Federal government. In other words, while some people see the Constitution as being "flexible" the conservative sees it not that flexible at all. Another term to fit the question is "Strict Constitutionalist".

What is the difference between the draft and final constitution?

A draft is an early effort at writing a document. The writer(s) read it over and make corrections and improvements, and they have another draft. When they can't find any way to improve a draft, it becomes the final document. That goes for constitutions, books, letters, instruction pamphlets, or any other kind of document.

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Did Jhon Dickinson sighn the Constitution?

Jhon (or JOHN) Dickinson did not actually sighn (or SIGN) the constitution. He was ill on the day and so sent someone to sign for him. I guess he didn't want to miss out on signing another important document, having been the only one to not sign the Delcatation of Independence.

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