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The Confederate Constitution was almost exactly the same as the American, only naming slavery outright and supporting it.

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Q: What was the Confederate Constitution and the American Constitution?
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The Confederate Constitution resembled the?

Constitution of the United States

When was the confederate constitution adopted?

The Confederate Constitution was enforced on March 11, 1861. The Confederacy also operated under a Provisional Constitution from February 8, 1861 to March 11, 1861.

What were The confederate constitution branches?

judicial, executive, legislative

What did the confederate states of America write?

Their own Constitution

Does the confederate constitution contained a provision out lawing international trading of slaves?

the Confederate constitution banned the importation of slaves into its states from outside countries, well before the US

What did the constitution of the Confederacy say about slavery?

The Confederate Constitution prohibited the international slave trade but permitted the domestic institution without restriction and forbade any Confederate state to abolish it.

Who wrote the CSA Constitution?

The CSA (Confederate States of America) Constitution was written by Robert Barnwell Rhett. It was basically a rewrite of the original Constitution of the United States with a little rewording.

The Confederate Constitution called for the end of the slave trade but not?


What weakened the military draft in the South?

The weak Confederate constitution

How much power do the states have in a confederate government?

For all practical purposes, the Confederate Constitution was modeled after the US Constitution. Major exceptions were that slavery was legal and no state could secede.

Why did Sam Houston lose as Governor of Texas?

Because he refused to take an oath to the Confederate States of America.

What is a confederate democracy?

No. It was a representative republic like the United States. In fact, the confederate constitution very much resembles the United States constitution, except that it doesn't allow for much federal control.