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(Supreme Court)

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The judges of the US Supreme Court.

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Supreme court

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it might be supreme court A+

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Q: Who can rule that federal laws are unconstitutional?
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Does Congress have the expressed power to declare laws unconstitutional?

Congress cannot declare laws unconstitutional. The Judiciary Branch may declare a law unconstitutional only if it conflicts with some provision of the State or Federal Constitution. The Supreme Court can rule a law to be unconstitutional, but Congress, along with the States, can only amend the Constitution.

Who can rule that laws written by Congress are unconstitutional?

Supreme Court

The federal courts can influence foreign policy by:?

ruling that certain laws or presidential actions are unconstitutional

What declare laws unconstitutional?

Who can declare laws unconstitutional

What do you call a law that does not agree with the Constitution?

They are called "unconstitutional laws".

What is an example of unconstitutional law?

Portions of the Patriot Act were declared unconstitutional in 2004 See That's at the federal level. State laws can be declared so also. See One of the roles of the appeals courts and supreme courts at both the state and federal level is to rule on the constitutionality of a law.

The main idea of nullification was that?

State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.

Can Overturn Or Throw Out Laws Passed By Congress?

Both the state and federal supreme courts can overturn unconstitutional state laws; the US Supreme Court is the ultimate authority on the constitutionality of federal law.

What did the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions argue?

States could nullify federal laws. That states could and should decide when Congress was passing unconstitutional laws PLATOO against a loose interpretation of the constitution

Why did treatment of Cherokee get a worse after the supreme court declared Georgia's Indian removal laws to be unconstitutional?

The federal government

Which branch can pass unconstitutional laws?

The Legislative Branch sometimes passes unconstitutional laws, but they're not supposed to. None of the branches is authorized to create unconstitutional laws.

What does the judicial branch do to the laws?

The Judicial Branch interprets the law and may declare a law unconstitutional if it is relevant to a case before a court. Unconstitutional laws are nullified (overturned) and rendered unenforceable. Contrary to popular belief, they do not review all federal laws for constitutionality.