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The owner of the cat & possibly you if you &/or your dog were trespassing on the owner's property or if your dog was not on a leash.

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Q: Who is liable when a cat attacks a dog?
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If a dog on a leash attacks another that isn't on a leash but is on its own property who is liable for the vet bill?

The owner of the leashed dog is liable. If the dog that is on its own property is attacked, the owner should pay for the "home" dog's care. The owner of the leashed dog is still responsible for its behavior.

If your dog attacks another dog what are you liable to pay for?

The other dogs owner is responsible of ALL damages. You actually have the right too shoot the dog if it disturbs you on your'e property!

If a friend and his dog are visiting. Am I responsible if they dod not have leash on dog and it attacks a dog that the owner is walking. Am I responsible in any way?

No it is always the owners responsibility, if they fail to control their animal they are held liable.

Dog attacks cat?

some dogs will bark at cats but most also attack

What happens if my dog attacks a cat in our garden?

You garden will probably get messes up. If it was on your property, then the cat could be said to have been trespassing, and therefore any injuries it received would not be your fault. If the dog attacked the cat anywhere beyond the boundaries of your property, you could be held liable for keeping an "aggressive" dog, and have to pay damages or perhaps have your dog restrained or put down.

Are you liable for a dog bite if the dog was chained?

If the person who was bit by the dog was just walking by, then yes, you are liable. However, if they were provoking the dog or coming onto it's/your territory, than you aren't liable.

Liability if dog attacks another dog?

You are fully liable for all injury and damage. Do not ever let your dog attack another dog or person, because your inability to control or train or socialize your dog will result in your dog's being put down, and if that happens to your dog it's not your dog's fault: it's yours.

Should a dog that attacks a cat be punished?

well would you punish a cat for harming a mouse. you can punsih animals jusy show to them that your angry or mad if they understand

Do cats have to go to quarantine?

a an animal shelter, if a cat is violent and/or often attacks, they will be put in quarantine just like a dog.

What happens with housing association if your dog attacks a cat?

If a dog attacks a cat, the housing association wouldn't be involved anyway to my knowledge. if you are allowed dogs in your home that would be ok, but if not you may be lookin elsewhere to live if your dog isn't suppose to be there. Dog catches cat: well everyone know the outcome to that one, well if the cat gets caught its dead. it like if a cat catches a bird.etc... we all need to look at a dog perspective here and not a human one, animals are territorial, and will protect their personal space. You are either the prey and the predator... i do not think there is any laws against this really, if a dog attacks a human , there are laws then i see many urban foxes around where i live and they have attacked cats during the night with no remains. hope this has helped xx

Are you liable if your dog bit another dog?

If it was in your yard, then you should be ok....but if you were in a public place, they could hold you liable.

Are you liable if your dog kills a cat in your yard?

That law varies county to county and city to city. You should call your local Animal Control department and ask them.