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Famous literature started from religion because it was a big part of everyones life in early American times.

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Q: Why is religion important in early American writing?
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Why is Early Writings important?

because current Chinese writing came from early Chinese writing

How did the early colonies to the principles of modern American government?

freedom of religion

How would you describe hieroglyphics?

Type of writing that early Egyptians used to communicate ,but also for religion

Why was writing important to many early governments?

To keep records.

Why is early Chinese writing important?

Early Chinese writing is important because it is one of the oldest writing systems in the world, dating back thousands of years. It has allowed for the preservation of Chinese historical records, literature, and philosophy. Additionally, the writing system has played a significant role in the development of Chinese culture and identity.

Why is writing so important in the early history of china?

It facilitated communication and record keeping.

Which type of literary form was not present or popular in early American and Colonial literature?

Historical writing

Which of the following formed the basis of Chavn influence over other early American cultures?

art and religion

How religion shaped the founding and settlement of American colonies?

You really need to be more specific with what you're looking for. There are countless books on religion in the formation of early America.

Is Wicca a native American belief?

No, Wicca has no connection at all with native American beliefs. It is a modern pagan religion developed in England in the early 1900s.

What was the Most important aspect of aryan religion during the early Vedic times?

An ethical code of conduct.

The most important aspect of the Aryan religion during the early Vedic times was?

An ethical code of conduct.