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The United States constitution interests in people and the United States.

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Q: Why was The US Constitution of US made?
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Was The declaration of independence part of the constitution?

No, the US Constitution was made 11 years after.

When did the US Constitution get made?

July 4,1776

Where in the US was the first Constitution made?

In NH.

Who is the US Constitution for?

The United States constitution was written for all the citizen of the United States.

When was the US Constitution made?

September 17th, 1787.

Why was the constitution of the US made?

To establish a organized government.

What do call a change to the constitution?

With regards to the US Constitution, changes made are called amendments. As one important example, in 1865, the 13th amendment was made to the US Constitution to abolish slavery. The Framers of the US Constitution believed of course that Constitution would require changes as time passed, however, they were cautious about changes and the amendment process is difficult.

What year was the US Constitution written?

The US Constitution was made in 1878

What US Constitution made African Americans citizens?


What made the states agree to the US Constitution?

They got what was demanded

What made The US Constitution convention happen?

Your mothers vagina

What are the dates of changes made to the US Constitution?