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In what ways did President Nixon's activites of criminal obstruction of justice and the improper use of the CIA, FBI and IRS threaten the American system of government?

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Q: In what ways did Nixons activities of criminal obstruction of justice the improper use of the FBI CIA IRS threaten the American system of government?
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If you don't hold a criminal for the police is this obstruction of justice?

No. Obstruction would be if you got in the way of the police trying to capture a criminal. This would have to be on purpose on your part, not by accident.

Courts decide when to send a criminal to jail The courts' activities relate to which branch of government?


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a corrupt government and no control over criminal activities

Why is the American society putting up with the criminal US government?

The American society is putting up with the criminal US government because f the twenty first amendment. This is a law that bans the sale on production and transporting alcohol.

Is there criminal liability for destruction of a document with the intent to impede a criminal investigation?

Yes, it would fall under 'obstruction of justice'.

What is a word for criminal starting with P?

Parolee Probationer "practicer" of criminal activities?

What type of law governs certain activities between persons and government?

Administrative law governs certain activities between persons and government. It deals with the relationship between individuals and administrative agencies and the legal principles and procedures that regulate the actions and decisions of these agencies. This branch of law ensures that government actions are lawful, fair, and accountable.

In criminal court which side represents the government?

The prosecution represents the government's interest in a criminal proceeding.

Can the government file only criminal charges?

Only the government can file criminal charges. They do not get into civil matters.

Are the parties to a criminal trial the government and the defendant?

Yes, in a criminal trial it is always the government against the defendant.

What is the crime for hiding evidence for a criminal?

Aiding and Abetting - Criminal Conspiracy - Obstruction of Justice - probably several other applicable laws depending on the criminal statutes of your state.

What are the two categories of business-related individual criminal activities?

Business-related individual criminal activities are normally broken down into two categories: internal and external.