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Q: Who is affected by police brutality?
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Is police brutality a common offense?

Police brutality has been reported to have increased since the 9/11 attacks, but there are no published statistics on the frequency of police brutality actions.

When was Collective Opposed to Police Brutality created?

Collective Opposed to Police Brutality was created in 1995.

What conditions are considered reasons for police brutality?

There can be no justification for brutality. The job of the police is to protect and defend.

Should police officers do police brutality to citizens in America?

No-one should "do" police brutality, that's why it's called brutality rather than reasonable force, which is what police officers should use.

What has the author Shailendra Misra written?

Shailendra Misra has written: 'Police Brutality' -- subject(s): Police brutality

Can you sue for police brutality?


When did police brutality start?


Why is police brutality used?

Your question cannot be answered. Police brutality in the US is both a crime and a civil rights violation. There is no 'use' for it.

What is Police brutality?

excessive use of force

Statistics on police brutality in ny?


How much is it for a police brutality attorney?

"A Police Brutality Attorney, can be expencience. Each state is different; therefore, you would have to do some research in your area as to the cost.

What are the release dates for Mr- District Attorney - 1954 Police Brutality?

Mr- District Attorney - 1954 Police Brutality was released on: USA: 1954