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Yes, bilingual means having two languages (such as a country), or in two languages (such as a newspaper, or a translation dictionary).

But bilingual can also refer to a person. A person who can speak any two languages fluently is said to be bilingual, and if they can speak more than two languages fluently, they are multilingual.

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Not necessarily. Bilingual refers to the ability to speak two languages fluently, whether or not they are official languages of a country or region.

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Q: Does bilingual mean two official languages?
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What do you call a country that has two official languages?

A country with two official languages is typically referred to as a bilingual country.

What is a sentence for the word bilingual?

She is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish fluently.

What is the term for having two official languages?

The term for having two official languages is "bilingualism".

What is the term when two countries have two official languages?

Bilingual. Canda is officially bilingual using French and English.

What does the word bilingual mean?

Bilingual refers to a person who is fluent in two languages.

What does bi lingual mean?

Bilingual means two languages. It is used to talk about people who can speak two languages My sister is bilingual

What does the prefix of bilingual mean?

The prefix "bi-" in bilingual means "two." So, bilingual refers to someone who can speak two languages proficiently.

What word means 'able to speak two languages'?

Bilingual means able to speak two languages.

How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?

If you are bilingual, you speak two languages. Being bilingual means having the ability to communicate effectively in two languages.

What are countries that have two different languages called?

Countries that have two official languages are typically referred to as bilingual countries. Examples include Canada (English and French), Belgium (Dutch and French), and Switzerland (German, French, Italian, and Romansh).

What is a person who speaks two languages called?

A person who speaks two languages is called a bilingual.

What really makes a country bilingual?

A country can be considered bilingual when it has two official languages that are widely spoken and used in government, education, and daily life by a significant portion of the population. The level of bilingualism can vary depending on the extent of language use and support for both languages in various aspects of society.