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The EA has a long E vowel sound as in seat and cheat.

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"Neat" has a short vowel sound.

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Q: Does neat have a long or short vowel sound?
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Is the word wheat a long e word?

Yes. The EA vowel pair has a long E sound, as in beat and neat. (weet)

Does beneath have a short e or long e?

The word 'beneath' has a long E sound from the EA pair, as in neat and breathe. The first syllable is 'be' but in speaking, it has a short I sound (bih-neeth). There is no short E sound.

Does pet have a short e sound?

Yes, the e sound is short in pet (noun and verb).

What are the long and short vowel sounds?

Long vowels make the sound of the letter itself (e.g. 'a' in "cake"), while short vowels make a quicker, clipped sound (e.g. 'a' in "cat"). The difference between the two is mainly in the duration of the sound produced.

What are the short vowel sounds?

The short vowel sounds in English are: a (as in apple), e (as in elephant), i (as in igloo), o (as in octopus), and u (as in umbrella). They are typically found in closed syllables and are pronounced quickly without a noticeable change in quality.

How many vowel sounds are in the word wheat?

There are two vowel sounds in the word "wheat" - /iː/ and /eɪ/.

Does beak have a long e sound?

yes it does... just as these other words: me, feet, need, neat and leap.

What words have the ea sound?

neat cheat me freaky furry

What is the short meaning of neatness?

The state or quality of being neat.

Which words contain long and short vowels?

Rain and cape have long A sounds; ran and cap have short A's. Bead and neat have long E sounds; bed and net have short E's. Pile and ride have long I sounds; pill and rid have short I's. Hope and wrote have long O sounds; hop and rot have short O's. Mute and pure have long U sounds; mutt and purr have short U's.

How do you do 84 into 97?

Long division does a neat job of it.

If you are 26 mm can you grow taller when you are short?

No, at 26 you have reached your full mature height. Hey! there is nothing wrong with being short, short people are 'neat'.