Ho do you say I Like in Spanish?

Updated: 4/26/2024
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Me gusta

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"I like" in Spanish is "Me gusta."

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Q: Ho do you say I Like in Spanish?
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Ho do you say 'And' in Spanish?

y in spanish you say it like e

How do you say the spanish word son in English?

Son in Spanish is "hijo" and is pronounced like ee-ho. Hope this helped :)

Ho do you say 15 in Spanish?

quince keen-say

How do you say jocelyn in spanish?

Jocelyn is pronounced "ho-se-leen" in Spanish.

Ho to say accepting in spanish?

aceptando, from the veb aceptar

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Yes, I would say he does say HO HO HO. But it's not like a Santa Claus HO HO HO it's more of a OH OH OH.

Ho to Say san Diego in spanish?

San Diego is a Spanish name and so it is still pronounced San Diego in Spanish.

How do you say nicholas Jonas in spanish?

Niko Ho-Nass

What did you say in Spanish?

que dijo pronounced : k dee-ho

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No, Santa does not fart and say Ho ho ho. However, Santa does say Ho Ho Ho.

Ho do you say i miss you in spanish?

Assuming you are saying this to someone you know well, it would be "te extraño".

How do you say ho ho ho in Cuba?

In Cuba, "ho ho ho" is typically translated as "jo jo jo" when expressing laughter or mimicking Santa Claus's laugh.