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Mabuhay ang pinulongan sa mga Pinoy!

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In Cebuano, "mabuhay" is "maayong pag-abot" and "wikang Filipino" is "sinugbuanong pinulongan."

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Q: How do you say mabuhay and wikang Filipino in Cebuano?
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How do you say mabuhay in cebuano?

In Cebuano, "mabuhay" is commonly translated as "maayong pag-abot".

How do you say long live in Filipino?

"Long live" in Filipino is "Mabuhay."

How do you say welcome in Filipino?


How do you say live and love without regrets in Filipino?

You can say "mabuhay at magmahal nang walang pagsisisi" in Filipino.

How do Filipino's say rest in peace?

In Cebuano: Pahulay sa kalinaw.

How do you say hello how are you in Filipino?

Hello is a very standard form of greeting in Filipino so I think there's no Filipino term equivalent to this. In formal settings though, one could say "mabuhay!" to greet the guests. How are you -Kamusta?

How do you say goodbye in cebuano?

In Cebuano, you can say "paalam" to say goodbye.

How do you say bad hair cut in Filipino dialects?

In Tagalog, you can say "pangit na gupit." In Cebuano, you can say "dili maayo nga pakyas sa buhok."

How do you say thank you in cebuano?

In Cebuano, it's Salamat. You can also say Daghang salamat.

How do you say i miss you in Cebuano?

To say "I miss you" in Cebuano, you can say "Miss tika."

How will you say Hello in Filipino?

The answer is Kamusta ----- Some people will say "Kamusta" similar to the original Spanish greeting "Como estas?" which translates to "How are you?". "Mabuhay" is also being generally used as a rough translation to "Hello".

How do you say hello in the Philippines?

"Hello" in the Philippines is often translated as "Kumusta" or "Kamusta" in Filipino, or "Hello" in English.