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There are exactly 6 654 564 432 tongue twisters

there are alot!!!!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:11:44
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Q: How many tongue twisters are there?
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What is the hardest toungue twister?

There are many tongue twisters in the world. Like the peter pepper one or the woodchuck one. There are thousands and millions of those tongue twisters. What I would recommend to do is go to or and search tongue twisters or hardest tongue twisters. Well... you get my point, and then see what they have. Hope this helps!

What the important of tongue-twister?

Tongue twisters are one of the means of learning a language without getting bored. Tongue twisters help you improve fluency in the language. Many tongue twisters contain similar sounding words/phrases with different meanings. This leads to another benefit of improving your vocabulary. A sizeable list of good tongue twisters can be found at

Is there any more of those tongue twisters?

View the link below for some tongue twisters.

What dr Seuss book is full of tongue twisters?

Fox in Socks is full of tongue twisters.

Why are tongue twisters tongue twisters?

Because they make your tongue twist and make you mess up what you're trying to say.

Why do you use tongue twisters?

Mummies munch on many macaroni.

What if you did not have a tongue?

Then you cannot literally participate in tongue twisters.

What are the significance of tongue twisters?

Tongue twisters are commonly used by speech therapists to help people overcome impediments.

Are tongue twisters poems?


What are synonyms for alliteration?

tongue twisters

What are brain tongue twisters?

tongue twisters that can "spin ur brain around" which means ur brain gets a headache

What are the difficulties faced in tongue twisters?

They twist your tongue! lol

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