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Legislate, legislation

Legalistic, legalism




and several others

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Q: Legal is the root word of what other words?
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Word with bio as a root word?

a root word is a stem word from which other words are formed.

What do root words mean?

A root word the word in which one word is based on such as: make (the root word) making (the other word)

A word for the root phyt?

there is no root word of a root word. That's the purpose of a root word. to make up other words and if another words keeps making up ll these words then there would be no ending.

Which best describes what a root word is?

A root word is an original word from which other words are derived.

What are three root words with the word necro in them?

"Necro" is already the roOt word. Other words which contain "necro" are:necromancernecropsynecrophilianecromanianecropolis

What is the root word of the word build?

"Build" is the root word. From it, other words are formed such as building and builder.

What other words are there with the root word play?


Words with root man?

Words with a prefix on the root word man are human and woman. Words with suffixes on the root word man are manhood, and man-cave. Other words with the root "man" include humanity, and womanhood.

Where does the root word resp come from?

Resp is not in the dictionary, it is not a root word. Root words are the part of a word that has the main meaning and that its other forms are based on; a word that other words are formed from: 'Walk' is the root of 'walks', 'walked', 'walking' and 'walker'. or - the word 'coldness' is formed from the root 'cold' and the suffix 'ness'

Is civ a root word or a prefix?

civ- is a root word. It cannot simply be added to other words.

What is the root word for legal?

There is no prefix or suffix so, the word legal is just the word legal.

What are words for the root word pon?

words for root word of pon

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