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Ster means fine. Stereo means solid.

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2009-11-24 03:13:39
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Q: What are words that have the root word ster?
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What is the greek root word for stereotype?

Ster is the root word for stereotype. the root word ster means person.

What Anglo-Saxon root means guide?

The Anglo-Saxon root ster meant "to guide or direct", and is the root of the English "ster".

Do asteroid and steroid have the same etymology?

Yes and no. They both derive from an Indo-European root ster-, but there seem to be three entirely different such roots. The first ster- means stiff or hard, and is the root of steroid. Ster- 2 means spread, and is the root of strew and straw. Ster-3 means star and is the root of star and asteroid.

What are words for the root word pon?

words for root word of pon

What are the words with 7 letters that start with s and end in ster?

only one word: shyster

What is the root of the word aloof?

believe it or not aloof does not have an root word not all words have root words

What words have the root word of the word scribe?

Words that have the root 'scribe' are:ascribecircumscribedescribeinscribeprescribeproscribesubscribesuperscribetranscribe

What words have the root word bill?

it has no root word for the word bill

What words have the root word of the word son?

Son does not have a root word.

What are words that contain the root words that?

"That" is not a root word. Therefore, there are no words containing it. I may be misreading, but I am pretty sure that you are asking for a word containing the root word "that".

What are words containing the root word phon?

Words containing the root word phon:phonographphonologyphonemephonologicalmegaphonesaxophonetelephonemicrophonexylophone

A word for the root phyt?

there is no root word of a root word. That's the purpose of a root word. to make up other words and if another words keeps making up ll these words then there would be no ending.

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