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Chief Justice in Tagalog is "Punong Mahistrado."

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Q: What is Chief Justice in Tagalog?
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What is Justice in Tagalog?

Chief Justice in Tagalog: Punong Mahistrado

What is the Tagalog of supreme justice?

Tagalog translation of SUPREME JUSTICE: - kataas-taasang katarungan

What is the plural of chief justice?

The plural form of chief justice is chief justices.

What is the leader or chief official of the US Supreme Court called?

The official title is Chief Justice of the United States, but most people refer to the position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.As of 2005, the incumbent Chief Justice is John G. Roberts, Jr.

Who is the current chief of justice of the supreme courts?

Chief Justice of India justice S.H.kapadia

Who is the Chief Justice of suprem court of India?

Justice S. H. Kapadia He was the former Chief Justice. At present Justice Altamas Kabir is the CJI (Chief Justice of India).

Who was the younger chief justice of India?

Mohabbat hidayatullah was the younger chief justice of India. He have served his 10 year as chief justice..

Chief Justice of the Philippine 2010?

Chief Justice Renato Corona

How is chief justice taney famous?

he was the first chief justice and that how he was famous

Who is chief justice on toontown?

The chief justice is the lawbot boss in toontown.

The Presidents oath is usually administered by who?

chief justice

Who oversees the impeachment process in the senate?

chief justice