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The root word is 'swell'.

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Q: What is the root word of the word swollen?
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What are swollen roots?

a root that is swollen

Is the radish a tuber?

A radish is a swollen root.

What plant part does a radish come from?

The swollen part of a radish is the root. (More precisely, it is a swollen tap root.)Some people harvest and cook the leaves.

What is namamaga in English?

The word "namamaga" is in Tagalog language (national language in the Philippines). In English language it's equivalent is "swollen". Note: The root word of "namamaga" is "maga" which means "swell". "Maga" is the root word and "namamaga" is in present form of the verb. "Namaga" is the past form of this word.

What is a 5 letter word for become swollen?

The only 5 letter word for swollen is puffy.

What is the difference between fasciculated root nodulose root?

Fasciculated -Swollen roots developing in cluster from the stem Nodulose- Only apices of roots become swollen like single beads

What is the root word of fugitive?

Fugitive has no root word it is the root word.

What is the root word of river?

There is no root word of river. It itself is a root word.

What type of root is found in onion?

The onion is the root of the plant, and is known as a "root" vegetable, like a potato. An onion is a swollen stem, the roots are fibrous. It is not a root vegeteble.

What is the root word for pathos?

Pathos is Greek and it is a root word! There is no root word for pathos because it is the root word.

Where is Pinatu?

Pinatu is a Chamorro word for Swollen scrotum; swollen testicles--temporary.

What is howling a root word or a base word?

a base word Incorrect. Base = root Howl is the base or root word with a suffix " ing ".

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