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The suffix of "supervisor" is "-or."

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Q: What is the suffix of supervisor?
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Words that end with the suffix or?

Some words that end with the suffix "-or" include actor, doctor, supervisor, and inventor.

A list of words with the suffix -or?

arbitrator benefactor calibrator carburetor contractor corridor donor factor generator governor janitor juror liberator perpetrator reactor tractor violator

What is the British spelling of supervisor?

The British spelling of supervisor is "supervisor."

Is it supervisor or superviser?


What is fullform of supervisor?


Does a Senior Supervisor have to be a Category Supervisor?

Yes, a Senior Supervisor must be a Category Supervisor.(See the Related question.)

Can a Floating Supervisor become a Senior Supervisor?

No, you have to be a Category Supervisor in order to become a Senior Supervisor. (See the Related question.)

What you the correct spelling for supervisor?

The spelling for supervisor is supervisor; you had it spelled correctly in the question.

Is neglectful a prefix or suffix?

Neglectful combines "neglect" with the suffix "-ful".

How long can a Supervisor on WikiAnswers stay a Supervisor?

A Supervisor can be a Supervisor for however long he or she wants until the Supervisor deletes his/her account, is blocked or demoted for violating rules, or wants to quit being a Supervisor. If a supervisor remains inactive for a certain amount of time, he/she may have their supervisor powers taken away until he/she contributes again.

When searching captured detained personnel who on the search team identifies each member of thr search team?


How does a Floating Supervisor become a Category Supervisor?

If a floating supervisor wishes to become a category supervisor, they can apply in the same way that a non-supervisor would, by sending an email to the appropriate email address.